Why travel was the motive for Hee Eun, the founder of Stay, to create her brand



Tell us a bit about yourself, what made you want to travel and why did you start your travel brand 'Stay'?

Hi, I'm Hee Eun. I run Heen Studio and I’ve been doing photography & styling work for 5 years now. Because of my job, I’m able to travel for work from time to time but also whenever I have a free schedule I go on a trips to Asia, the US, and Europe. 2018 was a crazy year because I stayed abroad for 6 months. I've been to Las Vegas, LA, Milan, Helsinki, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Basel, Bangkok and more. I've always had the idea of having a lifestyle brand named ‘Stay’ but last year it became clearer that I want to focus on travel essentials. I love travel but hate packing before going. It was just a simple idea that I wanted to have my own travel kit that has all the travel essentials I need. Stay is a travel lifestyle brand that shares travel stories, tips and inspirations for your next trip.


What experiences have you gained from traveling?

The greatest thing I gained from traveling is Friends. Over the past few years I spent a lot of time in Shanghai and it became my second hometown because I have great friends over there that make me feel like I am home. I learned about different cultures, tried many interesting foods and made friends from all different places. It made me be a more open-minded person and not be scared to try new things.  


Any travel tips?

I have my own travel essentials for long flights. Especially bringing massage oil for the flight! Right before I arrive to the destination, I use the oil to gently massage my shoulder to refresh. I shared it with the passengers next to me once and they loved it so much! Also having an aroma spray that I put on my pillow or my seat helps me relax.


What would you say is your most memorable moment while traveling?

I had an amazing trip in March of this year (2019) I travelled to 3 cities in 10 days. The cities were Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bali in Indonesia, and Bangkok in Thailand. Those 10 days were a little bit tiring, but the reason was I travelled with my friend, Zahraa, who loves taking photos, and naturally I also took a lot of photos for and of myself, there are just too many to post! After the trip, those photos became memories for both of us and a lot of my friends liked to see them as well. I challenged myself to be in front of the camera more during this trip, and at the end I had a lot of pictures I’m proud of. I learned a lot from the trip and have come out with a new perspective on travelling!

Where do you want to go next?

Recently I visited lots of asian countries and explored the beauty of Southeast Asia. It is really funny reason to travel but I want to go to Singapore to see their amazing new airport with a waterfall and gardens.


@stayheen (link to instagram)