7 Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights



by Hee Eun Lee

1. Comfort

Its well known that being comfortable on a flight (especially in economy class) is not an easy task. To help me get some rest I always bring a pillow, blanket, and slippers. I find a pillow nicer for me to use than the classic neck pillow, I guess they just don’t work for everyone! Having a more pillowy pillow helps me to sleep more because of the diversity of it - folding and using wherever to be comfortable. The blanket is a must, although most flights give you a blanket, they’re often less than warm and flights get pretty chilly with all the air pressurizing… Lastly, slippers are great for allowing your feet to relax and not be confined by shoes for extended periods of time, reducing swelling and smell!

2. Relaxing

Having a pillow and blanket is great to help sleep, but sometimes it’s not quite enough. To relax and unwind on a long flight, I use massage oils and an aroma spray. I spray the aroma onto my seat or pillow and use it to help me sleep. I use the massage oils at the end of the flight to freshen up ready to leave. Using a minty massage oil is great for the freshness feeling and massaging it into your neck and shoulders helps to reduce any stiffness you may get sitting in a cramped seat for so long!

3. Stay Hydrated

One thing I always remember to bring with me is a water bottle. When I’m flying I constantly get dehydrated and need lots of water. But, asking the flight attendants for water every 10 minutes isn’t exactly ideal for any of us… So, bringing a water bottle and asking them to refill it every so often is the perfect way to stay hydrated whilst not annoying the flight attendants or spending stupid money on a bottle in duty free! Keeping hydrated is also a form of skincare so don’t forget your water bottle!

4. Entertainment

I can’t go on a flight without my noise cancelling headphones anymore. These babies block out all other, noisy, babies and the sound of the airplane. Without the headphones I find flights irritating and hard to enjoy, but they even come with a wire to plug into the airplane so even the airplane movies sound better! I also bring a book with me, different ones depending on the mood of the trip. Sometimes, if I sleep well, I won’t even pick the book up, but its always nice to have as an extra if the movies aren’t good or you just don’t fancy anything else. Having a good playlist set up and some shows downloaded on your phone is another nice way to spend the time if the airplane entertainment isn’t to your taste.


5. Hygiene

When I’m on a long flight, I always take wet wipes and a stain removing pen with me. They are so useful for when you’re eating and you may have dropped food or got it on your hands and you can’t ask your neighbours to move because they’re eating too. Whipping out a wet wipe saves the day, and covers the smell of the food for a bit! Easting in cramped areas always means arm movement restraint and it’s difficult to avoid dropping food every so often. Especially with white shirts, you won’t want them to be ruined, so having a small stain remover is ideal!


6. Skincare

Airplane air is very dry, a lot of people bring moisturisers with them, but make sure to bring a cleanser as well! While I’m sure the air is not very dirty, I can assure you that after hours in the airport and on the plane, your face will not be sparkling clean. Always cleanse before you moisturise, you don’t want to be soaking up dirt, however little. Using moisturisers that are in travel size is great, but if you don’t want to fork out on a tiny bottle of something, using a product that is close to being finished is perfect. Hydrating on the inside and outside is key to healthy skin!

7. Makeup

Whilst I don’t wear a lot of makeup myself, if I arrive from a flight in the morning, I’m definitely going to be looking less than my best… Bringing some BB cream and some suncream (if they’re not combined already or if the SPF is not strong enough) will help to protect your face as soon as you leave the plane, and make you look a little more… alive. Adding a bit of mascara and lip balm, or even tinted lip balm, will keep you protected and looking good after a long flight!


Check out youtube video on 7 Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights :)